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Expert Sessions

Step up your game talking to people who already did it.

Exclusive for Attendee++

Have intimate conversations with people who can help you put things in perspective, either for personal or technical growth. Bring the questions – we’ll answer them together.

The sessions will be either 1:1 or in small groups. Be fast to get an Attendee++ and book your sessions, before seats run out! festival 2017 expert

João Barros

Senior Manager @ Google

João has a strong tech background, having majored in Computer Engineering and having started a career in web development and digital TV solutions. At a later stage, he moved to more business oriented roles, still in the Digital TV and Online Video worlds, as international business developer and Global Sales Manager. After that, he attended the INSEAD MBA, and jumped into a career in Operations , first with Amazon, and now with Google in the UK.

João will answer questions about transitioning from tech to business roles and working in fast-paced multinationals. festival 2017 expert

Filipe Pina

Co-founder @ Nerd Monkeys

Videogame producer. Nerd Monkeys and Seed Studios co-founder. Produced, among others, Toy Shop Tycoon (Nintendo DS), Under Siege (PS3) and Murder in the Hotel Lisbon (PC, Mobile). Teacher at ETIC on the course “Animação e Videojogos - BTEC HND”. Currently working on his next videogame for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Filipe will discuss the videogame industry with you. festival 2017 expert

Dana Svoboda

Chief Joy Officer @ Makers Academy

Chief Joy Officer at Makers Academy, Europe’s leading coding bootcamp. Bringing wholeness to the workplace. Dana is Makers Academy’s in-house holistic coach, emotional intelligence & mindfulness teacher as well as Yoga teacher. Dana has worked with hundreds of people, coaching them while they pursue a career in the tech industry, helping them to create joy in their personal and professional lives.

Dana is a specialist in personal development and happiness at work. festival 2017 expert

Angelique Slob

Chief Happiness Officer @ pinQ consult

Angelique believes in a future where people work in freedom, with like-minded people, on something that has an impact on the world. After getting bored with her successful corporate career in HR, she started to explore the Future of Work and today’s most successful startups. Now, she helps promising startups from around the world with building great teams and awesome cultures. When she is not busy shaping the future of work, she is travelling, making new friends and improving her capoeira skills.

She'll be ready to help you on how to lead and be part of high-functional teams. festival 2017 expert

Nick Taylor

Director - Customer Engineering @ ForgeRock

Nick has designed, built and operated identity solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations. At ForgeRock, Nick works with clients and partners to help them use the power of digital identity to transform their business by giving consumers the power to own and control their data, and in exchange receive a great, personalised service; and doing the same for the IoT too.

Nick would like to talk about digital identity and online privacy, but ping him on other topics! festival 2017 expert

Manuel Pimenta

Lead Gamification Designer @ Fractal Mind

A background in software development and a passion for using game mechanics and game design techniques to solve problems and engage people. Also a Design Thinking and Gamification coach, a Gamer, a Scout leader, an aspiring writer, a musician in denial and a firm believer that games and gamification will change the world.

Talk to him about anything ranging from User Experience to pure Gaming! festival 2017 expert

Rita Lopes

Happiness Lead @ MetaBroadcast

Her career path always led her further and further into people development, what makes people tick, and how to do our best work. Accumulated 10 years of working experience in consulting, L&D, research, and business psychology working in the field of happiness at work. She's now Happiness Lead for a software company in London, developing the company and its team so everyone becomes better and produce better and more meaningful work. At the same time, she is also doing research as part of her PhD at UCL on Happiness at Work.

If you feel the need to be happier and more successful at work, this is the session for you! festival 2017 expert

Pedro Teixeira

Partner & People Engineer @ LemonWorks

Passionate about people relations and exploring their potencial to grow as persons. In this love for people interactions, Pedro has been in Human Resources area for more than 10 Years working in multinational companies such as IKEA and BLIP to help them to achieve their vision. Tech-based companies and start ups are his new passion. He is simple, energetic, direct and loves a challenge!

Explore motivation and next career paths with Pedro! festival 2017 expert

Jamahl McMurran

Head of Platform @ Seedcamp

Jamahl is Head of Platform at Seecamp where he leads partnerships, operations and portfolio engagements for the early stage fund. Previously Jamahl has spent a number of years in London’s recruitment industry and was actually first UK hire back in July 2015.

Talk to him about tech recruitment processes and ask him about London's tech scene. festival 2017 expert

Nuno Veiga

Head of Marketing @

As someone with a CS background that migrated into the Marketing realm, Nuno is someone that can get very technical, but at the same time maintain a strategic view of problems faced by organizations, after having experience in roles in Product Management, Product Marketing, System Administration and Marketing Management. Also has a special care for the well being and personal development of the teams he manages.

He will be the perfect person to talk with if you're thinking on moving to a different role or area. festival 2017 expert

José Paiva

Co-Founder @

With an extended track-record in the recruitment area, José is the career development specialist inside He has helped several professionals in the tech industry evolve from interns to senior managers, and has been doing the same with candidates.

If you're looking to uncover the track you need to pursue to reach your objectives, he can help you with the process. festival 2017 expert

Pedro Oliveira

Co-Founder @

Ultimate candidate advocate and remote aficionado. As a founder of, Pedro deals every day with the pains of tech pros looking to improve their condition. He's been commanding UK effort for 1.5 years, giving him a Brexit impact over the recruitment market.

He'll be the right person to talk about technical development and remote working! Festival 2017 was a nice start.

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