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After that, you'll be able to access the Attendee++ premium package, our Hackathon and a lot more.

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2 - 3 June

The Dark Side of the Festival

What's this?

On What The Hack's second edition we expect 100+ participants for our 24h long hackathon to create apps to solve problems *that really grinds people's gears*. Starting at 6 p.m. on June 2nd, What The Hack is made to let you showcase all your coding skills to other participants and to Europe’s top companies looking to recruit.

Why You Should Come

It's a weekend in sunny Lisbon inside the Festival, with a cool €6k prize pool in cash and a real chance for any team to take it home, no strings attached. And more than money, it's an event that gives you a spotlight to shine, through a tight relationship with organizers and sponsoring companies. Organizers, sponsors and other top companies will be paying close attention to your work so you can showcase and brag about how much of a rockstar developer you are!

What’s going to happen this year

You'll have a list of challenges to choose from. These will be available at the beginning of the event to make sure that every attendee brings a clean slate from home.

These challenges will be deeply related to something that really grinds our gears. Like these:

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?
  • ...when I’m expecting an appointment early in the morning, it was moved during the night and I still had to wake up early just to know it was moved.
  • ...when I don’t know what to offer to my friends as a birthday gift when though they clearly have a wishlist somewhere.
  • ...when I have random food on my kitchen and I don’t know which recipes I can recreate.

P.S. - None of these will be available for selection.

You’ll have 4 types of Challenges:

  • 10 General Challenges, the best wins €1.000.
  • 1 RedLight Sponsored Challenge, the best wins €1.000.
  • 1 Sponsored Challenge, the best wins €1.000.
  • 1 Sky Sponsored Challenge, the best wins €1.000.

How it's going to happen

Each team will choose one challenge to develop (from the 14 available) over the whole hackathon, but we have no limitations on how many teams can select a challenge or when the teams can start working on these.

By enrolling on a challenge, you’ll be qualified for its Prize of €1.000. Sponsors will have a Judge representing them, for which they’ll select, alone, the winner for the Sponsored Challenge. The General Challenge winner will be selected by all judges together.

For example, the judge will select the winner from all the approaches presented for their challenge. But all judges will need to gather to chose the winner from the General Challenges.

After this, the 4 winners will be then qualified for the final, having the chance to win the SKY Main Prize of €2.000.

But since you’ll be given challenges instead of being able to come up with your own idea, this Hackathon is ruled by a different set of rules. Judges will always look for the best execution. And by execution, we mean attributes like:
  • Complexity of the solution;
  • Quality of the implementation (eg. code quality);
  • How gorgeous and functional is the final result, if aplicable (ie: UI/UX).

But rest at peace, we’ll be very clear with the rules and evaluation process in the beginning of the event.

For evaluation purposes, judges will have access to a GitHub repository where you’ll save all your work. Judges will look at your code continuously.


1. Do I need to register for Festival to join the hackathon?

In short: yes. To participate, you need to register for the Festival, and after we’ll give you an option to enroll in the Hackathon. Although, the registration is not complete until you pay a very small fee in the next FAQ point.

2. Do I need to pay anything?

Yes, a very small fee of €5 to show your commitment to the hackathon and thats going to be used exclusively to plant trees. We won’t be paying someone to do it for us: we’ll dig, plant and water a baby tree with our own hands. Remember, this is not a fee per team, it's a fee per attendant.

3. What about my basic needs?

Food, hydration and sleep are guaranteed for the whole hackathon.

4. How are applicants selected?

Registrations are opened until June 1st. After that, we'll ask you for any info we need by email.

5. Where is this really and how do I get there?

It's on Pavilhão de Portugal, on Parque das Nações. Here's the Google Maps link.

6. What should I take with me?

ID, laptop and a charger, headphones and your thinking hat.

7. How do teams work?

Teams have a maximum size of 4 and a minimum of 1. If you do have friends you want to team up with in the event, they're all going to need to be approved, pay the fee and then you can assemble your team at the event. We don't accept a registration of a team as a whole, every members need to apply and follow all steps.

8. More questions?

Do you have any question that has not been answered so far? Email us at [email protected].