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These sessions will teach you things University never could.

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In these workshops, we'll take our future, tech and career mindset into practice. All in an educative but relaxed setup. If you're into expanding your skillset, join us.

Once you have your Attendee++ ticket, you'll be able to book the sessions on your private area. festival 2017 speaker

Build and deploy your first smart contract

By Xavier Lavayssiere - Co-Founder @ ECAN

With a background in Law and Computer Science, Xavier's interest for blockchain technologies was self-evident. After working for several administrations, lately the Embassy of France in the US, Xavier Co-founded ECAN, a consulting company on emerging technologies and “Les Bricodeurs“ a nonprofit for tech education. He currently works on several startup projects related to blockchain and legaltech.

Using the blockchain network Ethereum and its tooling, during this workshop you will learn the basics of developing a simple smart contract in solidity and deploying it. festival 2017 expert

How to land your dream job

By Diana Pavel - Talent Acquisition @ Lyst

After studying for a PR degree, Diana worked briefly in a fashion PR agency before starting her career in social media. She joined a couple of startups to help them with their social media strategy, and then joined a Social Media recruitment agency, where she recruited for some of London's most exciting creative agencies. Diana is now an in-house recruiter at Lyst, one of Europe's most exciting fashion-tech companies, where she recruits across the business (Tech, Data Science, Product, Commercial).

In this workshop, Diana will teach you how to analyze Job Ads and best chose what to apply to, write a great CV and Cover Letter, prepare interviews and deal with recruitment processes. At the end, you'll be ready to get out there and close the right job for you! festival 2017 expert

Upskilling for the Future

By Natalija Counet - Founder @ 361degreesLAB

361degreesLAB is a company that develops practical solutions for the Skills of the Future challenge. Natalija is focused on expertise, skill development and capacity building for upskilling and reskilling of professionals. She helps companies and professionals to take adaptive action today to be able to deal with disruptive changes on employment landscape over the coming years.

The job landscape is changing rapidly, and most companies already feel the growing skill gap. This workshop will help you with questions like: Is future a threat or an opportunity? What skills do you need to deal with the new reality of the workplace in coming 5 years? And how can you become more resilient to concurrent disruptions? festival 2017 expert

Growth: understanding your drivers and planning your future

By Miguel Vicente - Audience Evangelism Manager Worldwide Lead @ Microsoft

Miguel has been working at Microsoft for the past 10 years, helping everyone that loves and breathes tech (Startups, Developers, Technical Communities, Students, App creators,...) to be extraordinary at what they do, creating incredible things with technology. He currently works from the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond leading the Audience Evangelist team that is the bridge between Microsoft and Developers all around the globe.

This workshop will help you understand why your career is up to you to control - and why YOU are at the center. Learn where the technology ecosystem is headed for the next few years; get the tools to deal with uncertainty when you look ahead and to find the information you need; get help planing your career; and get the basis to build a professional development plan. festival 2017 expert

What competencies are Employers looking for?

By Ana Maçarico - Head of Human Capital @ SDO Consulting

Ana has a 25 years career in Top Management, leading Human Resources, Training, Internal Communication and Government Relations functions, among others, for several large and multinational companies such as General Motors, McDonald’s or Novabase. Her main missions have been leading strategy, positioning and culture change; deep organization restructuring, productivity or cost recovery; and HR policies & function design and implementation.

To keep you up to the latest market dynamics, this workshop will teach how to be self-aware about your strengths, how to develop them forehand and backhand and what are the Top 10 skills employers are looking for in candidates. Festival 2017 was a nice start.

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